Invest in Belgium, increase your profit!

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The first interesting Belgian agglomeration to study, from the point of view of landlords, will undoubtedly be Brussels. In the Belgian capital, depending on the districts, it will thus be possible to expect gross returns (before taxes, duties and various charges) of around 3 to 5%.

The price of apartments is around 3,500 euros per average square meter, less in certain districts but which brings in more…

We add to this the virtual absence of taxation on rental income, and the absence of taxation on the capital gain after five years of ownership of the property, investing in Belgium seems to be a very good investment.

There is a double taxation treaty between countries. This allows you to avoid paying tax on rental income in both countries at the same time. For the investor, it would then be preferable to pay his tax in Belgium.

Advantages :

  • No tax on real estate capital gains in the event of resale 5 years after the acquisition.
  • No income taxes
  • No property tax or other taxes*
  • VAT recovery
  • Low taxes on rental income
  • Prices increase regularly at an annual rate of around 3% (unless exceptional conditions, such as the pandemic).
  • Freehold purchase.


  • The taxation of the acquisition (deed of purchase costs) of around 15% makes the purchase more expensive than in France
  • Rent levels increase less rapidly than sale prices
  • Before signing the future sales agreement, the buyer must ensure the financial feasibility of his operation. If the investor has neither residence nor assets in Belgium, then: the purchase must be financed by a bank in his country. The support of a Belgian bank will be easier to obtain if you are already a resident yourself, if you have an employment contract or a local activity.
  • If you go through a Belgian bank to finance your project: the buyer must provide around 30% of the cost of the project: 20% of the price of the property if it is a rental investment, to which he must add the costs purchase acts of 15%”.

Tax Administration :

The Foreign Investment Taxation Unit informs you about the advantages that Belgium has and about the application of Belgian tax legislation. This unit also assists you in your relations with the Belgian tax authorities.

This public service (part of the Federal Public Service Finance) works free of charge and in a flexible, unbureaucratic and investment-oriented way. The Unit manages the projects presented to it in a strictly confidential manner. Its members are bound by professional secrecy.