The Team

Our team is made up of professionals with different specialties. Everyone is responsible for their decisions, but we all have a common goal: The success of the project. Design office: Plan, Calculation of opening, Choice of materials, Site coordination


Georges Bellens
Théo granda

The structural work
The first stage of the construction site, that of demolition, is only valid when the solidity of the structural elements of the building is to be reviewed in the case of an apartment, loft or old old house:

  • exterior carpentry frames
  • the foundations
  • elevation walls
  • the roof structure
  • the sanitation system

Manager buyer & development

Lily Mery Its main mission is to ensure the supply and purchase of goods at the best quality/price ratio. Each day :
  • the purchase and resale of all real estate already built,
  • the purchase and resale of building land,
  • the purchase and resale of shares in real estate companies,
  • the purchase and resale of goodwill in all sectors


Helene et Anne

Our team sells apartments, houses and commercial or industrial premises. IPI holder, the intermediary between the two parties of each transaction.

The architect

The feasibility study. To avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of the construction site, it is therefore important to carry out a preliminary analysis of the existing one. Before starting, it is important to understand that the different elements to be renovated can be very closely related. The technical study allows:
  • design personalized technical and architectural advice
  • have solutions adapted to your budget
  • make a quote for the work
  • identify any technical and administrative constraints
  • estimate the deadlines for carrying out the work

Execution trades

The finishing works and the finishes do not guarantee the solidity of the house but aim to make the premises habitable with all the necessary comfort of a contemporary dwelling:

  • thermal and sound insulation
  • ventilation
  • the creation of interior partitions
  • electricity
  • plumbing
  • interior carpentry
  • heating equipment
  • coverings (floors, walls, ceiling)